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Is chewing gum healthy or not?

  1. As a child I was addicted to it. Anyone who has watched the video of how is set up has discovered that I have actually only been working on the topic of health for about 5 years. During my college years I was doing completely the opposite. Anyway, for those interested in this, watch the video here.

  1. I did not eat only Pringles, I also had chewing gum with me as standard. I preferred to chew all day long on the one with a liquid flavor inside. Recently I was asked whether sugar-free chewing gum is healthy. In a recent article I had already concluded that “light products” are often not as healthy as people think. This is due to the artificially added sugars. Does chewing gum happen to have this too?

  1. This article lists the pros and cons of chewing gum. After reading this article, are you still a fan of this â € œcandyâ € that one cannot swallow?

Advantages and disadvantages of chewing gum

  1. Let's start right away with all the positive factors associated with chewing gum! Below is an overview of the different â € œbenifitsâ €. Apparently there are some, so I won't go into too much detail to keep it clear.

  1. Conclusion Hmm, as always there are pros and cons, but this time the substances that provide the positive effect are also directly the harmful substance. I'm not the biggest proponent of chewing gum myself, but the occasional chewing gum without too much sugar can do little harm. Don't make it a routine, though.

Sugar-free chewing gum healthy?

  1. Sugar-free chewing gum is not immediately healthier. As said before, these still contain artificial sweeteners that our body cannot use. The body can digest it badly let alone excrete it. It will also bring your body nothing in terms of vitamins and minerals.

  1. So the answer to the question of whether sugar-free gum is healthier than normal gum is actually no!

  2. So the answer to the question whether sugar-free gum is healthier than normal gum is actually no!

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