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Is coconut oil healthy?

  1. Coconut oil or coconut fat contains a lot of saturated fat, more than sunflower oil or olive oil. Saturated fat increases your 'bad' LDL cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. A little coconut fat is harmless, but it is better not to overeat.


  1. Coconut fat

Cardiovascular diseases

  1. Studies have shown convincingly time and again that saturated fat increases your LDL cholesterol, and this increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the media, research is sometimes cited that would show that saturated fat does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. But these studies have received much criticism from established scientists.

Coconut oil or coconut fat?

  1. You often come across the term coconut oil. Oils are liquid at room temperature in the country of origin. In our climate, coconut oil usually has a solid form, we speak of coconut fat. But it is the same product.

Fatty acids

  1. Fat consists of chains of fatty acids that are attached to each other. Coconut fat mainly contains lauric acid, which is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid. Proponents of coconut fat indicate that lauric acid is actually good for health because its digestion would proceed differently in the body than with other saturated fats. But there is not enough scientific evidence for these so-called positive effects of coconut fat.

Coconut fat in the Wheel of Five

  1. Coconut fat is not in the Wheel of Five. This means that you can eat it exceptionally, so not too much and not too often. It is better to opt for sunflower oil and olive oil, which contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. They have a beneficial effect on the cholesterol level in the blood.

Advice Nutrition Center

  1. The Netherlands Nutrition Center bases its advice on scientific consensus. Read more about our working method

Kun can you say that one product is healthy?

  1. You cannot really say whether one product is is healthy. It always depends on how much or how often you eat it or drinks. We can therefore say whether a product fits in a healthy diet. Read more .

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