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Is goat's milk better than cow's milk?

  1. There are none clear advantages of goat's milk over cow's milk. The composition of goat's milk is very similar to that of whole cow's milk. Goat's milk has not been proven to be more digestible. Some differences: There is more in goat's milk saturated fat than in semi-skimmed cow's milk. In addition, there is less in goat's milk iodine than in cow's milk.


  1. Milk and dairy products provide many good nutrients. They contain protein and are a source of vitamins B2, B12 and calcium. The fat in milk contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. This increases the risk of heart disease vascular diseases. If you eat low-fat and semi-skimmed milk products, you will not get too much saturated fat within. These products are therefore in the Wheel of Five. Goat's milk and full-fat cow's milk products are not included in the Wheel of Five, because they are too saturated contain fat. Semi-skimmed goat's milk and goat's buttermilk are included in the Wheel of Five because they contain less fat.

Health effects

  1. Research on dairy is mainly about dairy from cows. Taking dairy is associated with one lower risk of colon cancer and eating yogurt with a lower risk of bowel disease type 2 diabetes. We are not sure whether those effects also apply to goat dairy because there is little research has been done in humans.


  1. You can find some in the supermarket goat milk products read the text "easily (more) digestible". However, there are still no scientific studies showing that goat's milk is lighter digestible.


  1. People with a cow's milk allergy usually cannot drink goat's milk. It the vast majority of people who are allergic to cow's milk are also allergic to it goat's milk, sheep's milk, horse's milk, camel's milk, buffalo milk and donkey's milk.

Goat's milk for cow's milk allergy babies

  1. Ch or if the mother does not want to breastfeed due to circumstances then is bottle feeding is a good alternative. Your baby will have bottle-feeding and does he have a proven cow's milk allergy? Chances are he too is allergic to goat's milk and sheep's milk is very large. Best to feeding is hypoallergenic formula. In hypoallergenic milk, the proteins are in pieces cut to prevent an allergic reaction. Up to 1 year this hypoallergenic food is best if your child has a cow's milk allergy.

Other replacement milk for babies

  1. Both animal milk replacers such as goat's milk and sheep's milk and plant-based alternatives such as soy drink, oat drink and almond drink are not recommended in the first 6 months if substitute nutrition. Between 6-12 months we recommend breastfeeding or follow-on milk instead of regular cow's milk or other animal and vegetable substitutes. Check out our advice on which milk is suitable for babies.

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