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Is goat's milk better than cow's milk, for your baby or toddler?

  1. As parents you want the best for your baby or toddler and that includes a healthy diet and this starts with choosing breastfeeding and / or bottle feeding before the birth of a child. Babies drink an average of 290 liters of (mother) milk per year. When a mother is not breastfeeding, bottle-feeding based on cow's milk seems a logical alternative. Still, bottle feeding based on cow's milk is not always self-evident. Some babies appear to be allergic to cow's milk, so the parents actively seek out other milk. Also in the Netherlands there are several other animals that give milk. Among these, sheep and goats are the best-known milk supplier. Nutritionists claim that goat's milk would be healthier for the baby or toddler than cow's milk.

Goat's milk or cow's milk?

  1. Why does a person drink milk What is goat's milk? Is goat's milk much healthier than cow's milk? Is goat's milk a good substitute for cow's milk in case of a cow's milk allergy? To breastfeed No goat's milk or cow's milk for babies or children Baby formula and toddler milk based on goat's milk

Nutritional values

  1. By comparing the nutritional values ​​of whole milk with goat's milk, a good picture is obtained of the health of the milk.


  1. When breastfeeding is not possible or when the child becomes too old for breastfeeding, a hydrolyzate can offer a solution. In hypoallergenic milk replacers, the cow's milk proteins are pre-digested. You can recognize hypoallergenic formula by the indication HA on the packaging. In some cases hypoallergenic formula is reimbursed by the health insurance company. However, this only happens when the baby has been officially identified as having a cow's milk allergy. Some types of hypoallergenic milk replacers for babies are:


  1. Anyone who chooses to use formula or toddler milk based on goat's milk can use the products of Kabrita. For the products of Kabrita, goat's milk is used, which comes from Dutch goats.


  1. Another manufacturer of goat's milk formula is NANNYcare. NANNYcare has chosen to use goat's milk that comes from goats from New Zealand. According to NANNYcare, New Zealand goat's milk would be even more digestible than European goat's milk because the fat globules in New Zealand goat's milk are smaller.

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