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Is it safe to eat pre-cut vegetables that are expired?

  1. Pre-cut vegetables in a plastic bag, such as blackberries, nasi vegetables, sliced ​​iceberg lettuce and Italian vegetable mixes, are no longer safe to eat after the 'use by' date (use-by date). Did you open the packaging before that date? Then you can keep the sliced ​​vegetables for up to a day.

'Use by' date

  1. Most bags of pre-cut vegetables have a "use by" date (use-by date) on them. This date is not there for nothing: it is the last day on which you can still use the product safely, provided that the packaging is still closed.

  1. You don't see pathogens There can be dangerous amounts of bacteria in the vegetables as early as a day after the expiration date. You cannot see, smell or taste those bacteria, but it can make you sick. Therefore, make sure to freeze or prepare the vegetables before reaching that date.

Packed in a protective atmosphere

  1. With some bags of pre-cut vegetables, the air in the packaging has been replaced by an appropriate air mixture, for example a mixture without oxygen. This means that the vegetables can be kept longer. These packaging gases are safe and approved by the European Union.


  1. The E numbers for packaging gases are E938 to E949. They do not change the product and the moment you open the package, the gases evaporate. Packaging that is packed in a protective atmosphere is sometimes slightly convex. This is okay, the expiry date is decisive.


  1. Pre-cut vegetables can be kept longer if you freeze them immediately after purchase. You can keep them in the freezer for a maximum of 1 year. This is how you handle vegetables safely

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