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Is mozzarella healthy?

  1. Mozzarella can be thought of as a big ball of creamy cheese. It is made from buffalo or cow's milk. Originally it comes from the Naples area. However, the name is not protected and therefore anything can be called mozzarella. But is mozzarella healthy? And is there a big difference between mozzarella made from buffalo milk and cow's milk?

What is mozzarella?

  1. Mozzarella is a cheese made from buffalo or cow's milk. Originally from Italy, buffalo milk is traditionally used, but it cannot be made on a large scale. Cow's milk is therefore used for mozzarella on a large scale. Cow's milk is a bit more yellow than buffalo milk and this is reflected in the mozzarella. The name mozzarella is not protected, so you could in principle call everything mozzarella. Buffalo milk mozzarella does have a name, however. This is called mozzarella di bufala. If this is stated on a package, it is 100% made of buffalo milk. This mozzarella is porcelain white.

Real Italian mozzarella

  1. You also have mozzarella under the name Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. This has been a recognized name since 1993 and when it says this on a product you know you have traditional buffalo milk mozzarella that comes from the Naples area. If you buy this mozzarella from a cheese farmer in the Netherlands, you can pay € 5.50 for 250 grams.

Mozzarella in the Netherlands

  1. Artisan mozzarella In 1982 the Italian Salvatore Tozzi made mozzarella famous in the Netherlands. His surname also became a brand: Tozzi. Salvatore made mozzarella from cow's milk. Salvatore Tozzi's craft quickly disappeared as he sold his brand to the dairy industry. However, there are still a number of artisan mozzarella makers in the Netherlands. One of them is Alfons Blokhuis from Denekamp (above Enschede). He makes mozzarella with buffalo milk and herds water buffalo himself.

Mozzarella in the supermarket

  1. In the supermarket there are different types of mozzarella brands. You can get 125 grams of cow's milk mozzarella for 50 cents. However, mozzarella is also available in the supermarket, which is made 100% from buffalo milk. These are of course a bit more expensive. You will also find the following mozzarella products in the supermarket.

Which mozzarella is healthier?

  1. The real connoisseurs find the taste of real buffalo milk mozzarella more powerful and tastier than the cow's milk mozzarella. Roberto Payer, manager of the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam, thinks the cheap cow's milk mozzarella from the supermarket tastes like a bubble gum ball. The taste may be different. But is there much difference in nutritional value between the two types?

Cow's milk vs. buffalo milk

  1. Below you can see that buffalo milk contains more fats. Including saturated fats. You should not consume too much of this because they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Still, buffalo milk has only 1.8 grams of extra saturated fat per 100 grams. The other fats are unsaturated. In other words, the healthy fats. Because of the extra fats, buffalo milk also has more calories. The cholesterol level is lower with buffalo milk. A lot of cholesterol can also cause cardiovascular disease. Protein is also slightly more present in buffalo milk. Protein is an important substance for the muscles.

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