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Is non-alcoholic beer really alcohol-free?

  1. Good question! In this section, HealthNet will look for the answers to gnawing questions. This time: is non-alcoholic beer really alcohol-free?

  1. Alcohol-free beer: the name says it all. Beer without alcohol. Beer drinkers are increasingly opting for this. As many as 60 percent of non-alcoholic beer drinkers drink it because they still have to drive. 36 percent say they drink alcohol-free beer because of the taste. 32 percent drink it in order not to consume alcohol. But is non-alcoholic beer really alcohol-free? In the Netherlands, the term 'alcohol-free' may only be used for beer that contains no more than 0.1 percent alcohol. If beer is called non-alcoholic, it may still contain alcohol. But if it says 0.0 percent on the label, it should actually contain nothing. Some labels of non-alcoholic beer therefore state that it contains, for example, â € less than 0.04 percentâ € ™ alcohol.

Foreign brewers

  1. It is good to know that non-alcoholic beer is labeled differently in some European countries. In the Netherlands, a maximum alcohol percentage of 0.1 percent applies, but foreign brewers do not have to adhere to this. They are allowed to sell beer with an alcohol percentage higher than 0.1 percent as non-alcoholic beer in the Netherlands. In Denmark and Sweden, non-alcoholic beer may contain a maximum of 0.5 percent. In Spain the limit is 1 percent. In Italy and France even a maximum of 1.2 percent applies. The way in which non-alcoholic beer is brewed ultimately determines the alcohol percentage. One process removes the alcohol after brewing. An evaporation technique is used for this. After fermentation, the alcohol evaporates from the drink using special temperature and pressure techniques. In the other way, the brewing process is adjusted. The production of alcohol during the brewing process is reduced from the start by a lower temperature and the use of a different type of yeast. This yeast produces virtually no alcohol in the process. So there is a chance that the alcohol is not completely removed after the brewing process. It is therefore important to look at the alcohol percentage on the packaging before you put the alcohol-free beer bottles in your shopping cart.


  1. These non-alcoholic beers are not completely alcohol-free: Amstel malt â € “0.1% Grolsch Premium Malt â €“ 0.1% Warsteiner â € “0.5% Jever Funâ €“ 0.4% Brewdog Nanny State â € “0.5% Schneuder Weisse â €“ 0.3% of the Regional Playground â € “0.5%

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