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Is prawn crackers healthy?

  1. Prawn crackers are a popular side dish when eating an Indonesian dish. Or just when you feel like something tasty, but want to eat something other than chips. Prawn crackers are tasty as a side dish for many people. But is prawn crackers healthy? Is prawn crackers indeed a healthy and responsible side dish?

What is prawn crackers anyway?

  1. To be able to answer these questions, it is good to first describe what is meant by prawn crackers. Various types of prawn crackers are included. So you have prawn crackers made of flour and shrimp. This is by far the most famous in the Netherlands and is sold as "natural", it bears the name krupuk oedang. You also have vegetarian crackers, potato crackers, fish-based crackers and garlic crackers. The range of prawn crackers is therefore very large.

How is prawn crackers made?

  1. The fish (usually shrimps) is dried and finely ground until fishmeal is formed. This fish meal is mixed with flour, so it is made into dough. When this is done it is made into a kind of bread. The slices of this bread are dried and then fried. This creates prawn crackers.

Benefits of prawn crackers

  1. Prawn crackers are a very tasty side dish with dishes such as nasi goreng. It's the extra addition. It has minerals such as iron, phosphorus and magnesium. These are important minerals. But this is where it ends with the health benefits of prawn crackers.

Disadvantages of prawn crackers

  1. The best-known prawn crackers in the Netherlands are the edang prawn crackers. This one seems very healthy because it is made from fish and flour. However, the prawn crackers are fried in fat, which makes it not very healthy. There is also quite a bit of sugar in it.

Prawn crackers vs chips

  1. Prawn Crackers and Chips are very similar, the pieces of Prawn Crackers and Chips are the same size and they both eat away easily and you eat quickly. Prawn crackers are usually used as a side dish, but due to the rise of different flavors, prawn crackers are already more like crisps and it is even replaced by chips as a snack by some. But there is certainly a lot of difference between crisps and prawn crackers. For example, potato chips are made from potatoes and most prawn crackers are made from fish and flour. But which one is healthier now? The fact is that they both have a lot of fat. Prawn crackers have slightly less fat and in that area prawn crackers are healthier. Where crisps and prawn crackers also both have the substance monosodium glutamate (MSG). This is a flavoring agent that has been put into foods by manufacturers because it stimulates the taste buds. This makes you want to eat more and this ensures that you eat the entire bag of prawn crackers or chips. An ideal fabric for the manufacturer. It has not been scientifically proven, but in large numbers this substance is said to cause dizziness, fainting and even palpitations. In addition, you prefer not to have it in your diet if it ensures that you eat something (unhealthy) completely.


  1. If you think you are doing a good job with prawn crackers as a potato chip substitute, you are wrong. It is still very fatty and contains even more sugar than potato chips. However, it is sold in smaller bags, which makes it less bad if you use a bag completely. However, you will mainly have to use prawn crackers as a side dish to give a dish that little bit more flavor.

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