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Is tanning healthy or unhealthy?

  1. We cannot live without sunlight, but sunbathing can also be dangerous. However, sitting in the sun every now and then is healthy again. In this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of the sun and of tanning.

What are the benefits of the sun?

  1. Vitamin D By exposing our body to the sun, our body produces necessary vitamin D. In the summer you should get at least half an hour of sunlight, and in the winter you should walk outside for two hours to get the necessary rays. Vitamin D ensures that we can absorb enough calcium, so that we get healthy bones. Vitamin D also lowers the risk of cancer.

Sun is good for the muscles

  1. Heat is good for our muscles. Warm weather will have a positive effect, especially for people with muscle and joint complaints. The heat makes our blood vessels widen, and good blood circulation will make the muscles feel more comfortable.

Sun is good for the state of mind of people

  1. Most people will feel happier in the summer, compared to other times of the year. This is because the body produces endorphins (a happiness hormone). This gives people more energy and feels relaxed. Sun even appears to have a positive effect on the sex hormone.

What are the disadvantages of the sun?

  1. Skin aging Sun ensures the creation of connective tissue cells. This causes skin aging and makes the skin less supple. This effect can be compared to rubber that has been exposed to the sun for a longer period of time. Over time it will become brittle and less flexible.

Less sleep

  1. The very hot days cause us to sleep shorter. The days are long because it is only dark late, and early in bed is often not convenient because it is still too warm to go to sleep. Research by Auping has shown that 44 percent of the Dutch have sleeping problems in warm weather. Especially the men appear to be affected.

Skin cancer

  1. If we expose our skin to a very hot sun for too long, we increase the risk of skin cancer. Information campaigns point out the dangers of sunbathing at high temperatures. The advice is to sunbathe briefly, and preferably not at times when the sun is brightest. These are the hours between noon and 3 pm.

Fast and sweaty

  1. At high temperatures, our body tries to cool down. This is done by expelling moisture from the pores. You cannot avoid sweating on hot days. With the smallest effort, we sweat very strongly, with all the consequences that entails. On hot days when you are exercising, you can sweat up to two liters per hour. This is also the danger, we have to drink enough to prevent dehydration.

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