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Is thick juice healthy?

  1. Thick juice is concentrated juice made from 100% fruit that you probably drank as a child instead of lemonade. Thick juice is known to be healthier than lemonade, but is it really? Is it safe to let yourself and your children consume a lot of thick juice? So, is thick juice healthy?

What is thick juice?

  1. Thick juice is juice that consists of 100% fruit. The juice is fully concentrated and thickened by extracting the water completely. This cooked fruit is packed with natural sugars, making it taste just as sweet as lemonade.

Is thick juice healthy or unhealthy?

  1. Sugars in thick juice 200 ml of diluted thick juice contains almost 15 to 25 grams of sugar, this can differ per brand. This is about the same as in Coca Cola. With thick juice, all the moisture has been removed from the fruit, so that almost only various sugars such as fructose, glucose and sucrose remain. It may sound healthier because these sugars come from fruits, but because the drink is concentrated, it has exactly the same effect on the body as refined sugars. These sugars have several negative effects on the body. If you do not immediately start exercising, the sugars are converted into body fat. The sugar causes the blood sugar to rise. This produces a lot of insulin. This insulin quickly lowers blood sugar, producing the stress hormone adrenaline. In addition, this low blood sugar level creates a need for sugars, which means that the vicious circle repeats continuously.

Nutritional value

  1. Thick juice consists purely of sugars. No fat, protein or fiber. By thickening and boiling the fruit juice, all vitamins, minerals and fiber from the fruit are lost. Furthermore, thick juice contains around 30 calories per 100 milliliter (varies per brand), this number is slightly below the number of calories in soft drinks. But thick juice is not very good for you and not for your child.

Bad for teeth

  1. One of the things that sugars are known for negatively is the fact that they are very bad for your teeth. Thick juice and lemonade are equally bad for the teeth. They both leave a layer of sugar on the teeth. This layer of sugar will destroy the glaze and can cause cavities.

Thick juice vs lemonade

  1. Lemonade syrup consists mainly of sugar, colors and fragrances. You would think that it is less healthy than thick juice because it contains much less fruit. But this is not the case. Only the sugar is left of the fruit in thick juice, so it is just as bad as refined sugar. It depends on the brands you buy, but a 200 ml glass of lemonade (so lemonade syrup plus water) contains about 15 to 25 grams of sugar. This is the same amount as thick juice. The two are also very close in terms of calories.

What is an alternative?

  1. So thick juice and lemonade are just as bad as cola, but what is a substitute for these two drinks? The simplest answer is water or tea. In principle, water is the only drink the body needs, but you choose thick juice or lemonade because it has a better taste than water. If you are not a fan of tea, you can make water more flavorful by adding slices of lime. Lime is also very healthy, so you immediately benefit from it.


  1. The conclusion is that both thick juice and lemonade are very bad for you and therefore also for your children. It is better to drink plain water or tea, you certainly cannot go wrong with that. Thick juice consists almost exclusively of sugars and contains no vitamins, minerals or fiber, and thus lacks all the health benefits of fresh fruit.

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