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Is tuna healthy?

  1. There are different types of tuna, the most famous is the Albacore tuna. Tuna is available fresh and canned, both of which are part of a healthy diet. You do have to be careful with the mercury that is in tuna. It is therefore recommended to eat tuna in moderation to experience the health benefits versus the drawbacks of the mercury.

Protein in tuna

  1. The protein in tuna is complete, which means that it contains all amino acids. This makes tuna an excellent source of protein. Every 100 grams of tuna has 21 to 29 grams of protein, depending on whether you consume it fresh or canned. Canned tuna contains more protein than the fresh version.

Tuna has good fats

  1. The body needs fat to provide long-term energy. In addition, fat is also used to make hormones. In addition, it is used to support the brain and nervous system. Finally, fat is used to transfer vitamins. Most of the fat in tuna is polyunsaturated, with a small fraction of saturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat is good for the body, it helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Vitamins and minerals in tuna

  1. Tuna has several essential vitamins and minerals. Including a large amount of niacin. This is also known as vitamin B3. Niacin helps the body convert food into energy. Tuna also has vitamin A, which ensures that your teeth, skin and bones stay healthy. The vitamin D in tuna ensures good bones because it regulates the calcium flow. The mineral potassium is also present in tuna, potassium helps regulate fluid balance and blood pressure in the body. Finally, phosphorus is also one of the important minerals in tuna. Phosphorus gives strength to the bones and teeth.

Tuna against cancer?

  1. Because tuna contains many other good nutrients in addition to good antioxidants, it can prevent some types of cancer. For example, studies have shown that tuna can prevent breast cancer. Other studies have shown that tuna can prevent cancer in the kidneys. The antioxidants neutralize free radicals before they can attack healthy cells and turn them into cancer cells. There are also studies that indicate that omega 3 fatty acids can prevent colon cancer.

Mercury in tuna?

  1. There is indeed mercury in tuna. This mercury is called methylmercury. Nowadays every fish contains methylmercury, this is due to environmental pollution. Because tuna is one of the last fish in the food chain and eats a lot to stay alive, tuna also gets more methylmercury. Methylmercury mainly remains in fat and that is why an oily fish like tuna also contains more methylmercury.

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