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Jewish marriage - traditional marriage

  1. A traditional Jewish wedding is full of rituals that symbolize the beauty of the relationship between husband (groom) and wife (bride), both in their obligations to each other and to the Jewish People. Jewish marriage is about two people becoming one - when soulmates take advantage of the unique soul they share. A traditional Jewish wedding is like a woven carpet made up of many threads: Biblical, historical, mystical, cultural and legal. Jewish marriage has existed for more than 3,800 years. The marriage between a Jewish man and a Jewish woman is considered on a cosmic level as a reaffirmation of the marriage that took place between Gd and the Jewish people on Mount Sina '. Marriage is seen as a personal Yom Kippur, the holiest day in one's life.

The wedding day

  1. The wedding day is the happiest and holiest day of a person's life. It is seen as a personal Yom Kippur for the Jewish groom (chatan) and the Jewish bride (kallah). 1 For on this day all past sins are forgiven and both souls merge into one new soul. Bride and groom fast on this day until after the wedding ceremony. 2

Kabbalat Panim

  1. The bride and groom do not see each other for a week before the wedding. 3

Bath blanket (veil ceremony)

  1. The Badeken is the veil of the kallah. It symbolizes modesty and the lesson that no matter how attractive a person may look physically, the soul and character are most important. The bridegroom puts the veil over her face. 4


  1. The ceremony takes place under the chuppah that symbolizes the house to be built. 5

Blessings of the engagement (Kiddusheen)

  1. Two cups of wine are used during the wedding ceremony. 6

Giving the ring

  1. The ring should be smooth with no ornamentation to symbolize the marriage of simple beauty. The groom slides the ring onto the bride's finger on her right hand. As of now, the couple are married. The bride gives the groom the ring afterwards, not under the chuppah. 7

Ketuba (marriage contract)

  1. In Jewish marriage, the bridegroom commits himself to various responsibilities written in the ketubah, such as food, shelter and clothes for his wife, and emotional care. The document is signed by two witnesses and has legal significance. Ketubah is the property of the bride.

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