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Joint pain, often nutritional relationship

  1. When you have pain in your knee or suffer from arthrosis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia or gout you may not immediately think about your diet, but often your diet is the cause of the complaints. Sometimes this can be easily discovered through blood tests because a triglyceride level is found to be too high. Joint complaints are often more than a local problem. These complaints say something about your general health.

Incorrect power supply

  1. With incorrect nutrition you have to think of a lot of sugars, sugar substitutes, soft drinks, processed food full of artificial additives, burnt food (also think of black crusts on bread, for example), but also drink too little, which means waste products are not excreted properly.

Consequences of incorrect nutrition

  1. Incorrect nutrition can cause inflammatory processes in the body. These chronic inflammations damage cells and cause pain complaints. In rheumatoid arthritis (to name just one example), damage to the cells of the synovial tissue (tissue that is located on the inside of the joint capsule) starts to proliferate, leading to inflammation, pain and eventually damage to the joint.

Healthy food

  1. There are also foods that help strengthen the immune system and inhibit inflammation. Think about:

Movement for joint complaints

  1. In addition to a healthy diet, sufficient exercise is also important for joint complaints. Regular exercise ensures good bone metabolism. This exercise is best done in the open air during the day, because in addition to exercise, vitamin D is also very important for strong bones. The presence of vitamin D promotes the absorption of dietary calcium in the intestines.

Read more about the relationship between joints and nutrition

  1. A number of books have been written about the relationship between joint pain and nutrition:

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