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Just tested: # 039; meat substitutes # 039; of vegetables

  1. Health Net tested the new vegetarian burgers and vegetable mince from samhoud food. These special meat substitutes are not made from soy, but based on vegetables. That seems like a tasty way to get more vegetables. How do they like it?

  1. In the new disk of five, the vegetable compartment has become even larger. The Netherlands Nutrition Center recommends that from now on, not 200, but 250 grams of vegetables per day should be consumed. Grab the scales and you soon see that it is a big mountain. samhoud food therefore came up with new products that you can add to your meal instead of meat: a burger with green asparagus and lentils, a burger of beans and peas and minced meat with tomato and carrot. [! 161137 => 1140 = 2!] Star Chef


  1. The products were developed by chef Moshik Roth. This chef started the samhoud places restaurant in Amsterdam together with Salem Samhoud. Three months after the restaurant opened, Moshik and his team were awarded two Michelin stars. He is known for his surprising vegetable innovations, so the taste should be fine.

Meat substitutes?

  1. Many meat substitutes are made on the basis of soy. Not this one: both the burgers and the minced meat consist for more than half of vegetables. This way you get a lot of fiber and make good progress with your vegetable intake. Are they also suitable meat substitutes? The Nutrition Center has drawn up a number of criteria that a good meat substitute must meet. For example, it should contain (added) iron and vitamins B12 and B1, it should be a good source of protein (more than 12 percent of the energy) and the product may contain a maximum of 0.8 grams of salt per 100 grams. I cannot find anything about iron and vitamin B12 on the packaging. The minced meat contains more than enough protein, in the burgers a little too little. The asparagus burger is good in terms of salt content, but the other products contain - as in many ready-to-eat meat substitutes - with a little too much salt. Of course, this is not a problem at all if you get these nutrients from other foods, but if these were the only products you use to replace fish and meat, you might be deficient in vitamins B1, B12, iron and protein. Although these burgers and minced meat are in the supermarket meat substitute, they are not complete substitutes for meat, they seem mainly intended for occasional variation.

Surprising flavors

  1. And now the most important test: tasting! Preparation is a breeze. Fry the burgers for about 8 minutes on medium heat, the minced meat only needs 4-5 minutes in the pan. The packages feature original recipes, such as a spicy avocado salad and a Thai salad with minced vegetables. The burgers are also suitable for making a vegetarian hamburger sandwich. I think you could use the vegetable mince in all kinds of dishes instead of 'normal' minced meat, such as in a pasta sauce or a wrap. The citizens turn out to be very different. The asparagus burger has a nice crispy crust and a soft, creamy filling. The taste of the green asparagus comes out well. The bean burger is firm, looks like a real hamburger and has a pleasant bite and a delicious, savory taste. The minced meat is very fine and gets a loose structure after a few minutes. Many other types of vegetarian 'minced meat' consist of pieces, this mince breaks down into small grains. I tried the minced meat in the Thai salad of which the recipe was on the package and I liked it. The ground beef absorbed the flavors of the cilantro, soy sauce and lime a little and gave the dish a pleasant bite.

Variation in meat substitute

  1. I think the asparagus burger, bean burger and the vegetable mince from samhoud food are an original addition to the shelf with food for a day without meat. They may not meet all the criteria to be a real meat substitute for vegetarians, but for the much needed variety and to easily eat more vegetables, they are perfect. The flavors are different and you can serve all kinds of dishes with it. These samhoud food products are available at Albert Heijn. You can find them in the refrigerator at the meat substitutes. The burgers both cost € 2.59, the minced meat € 2.99. A

  2. I think the asparagus burger, bean burger and the vegetable mince from samhoud food are an original addition to the shelf with food for a day without meat. They may not meet all the criteria to be a true meat substitute for vegetarians, but for the much needed

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