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Lavas, the lubba

  1. "In the fragrant green I also praise the strong lovage, my love goes to everything in the garden. Although it harms the pair of eyes in taste and smell and is said to reduce vision, the seeds part of many medicines and he contributes to other people's name and fame ".


  1. In the past, the Romans chewed on the seed to aid digestion. Lovage is also said to act as a deodorant when used both externally and internally. Adding a strong decoction of the root to the bath water makes the body fragrant and would remove odors. It seems interesting to me to further investigate this effect. In addition, maggic deodorants are made: black tea powder and lovage seed powder bound in muslin cloth. A scented ball to rub or tie under the armpits?

Botanical characteristics

  1. Lavas is a perennial plant that can reach a height of up to 2 m after a few years; the stem is hollow; leaves glossy green, large, planted at the base of the branches, triangular in outline, 2-3 times pinnate with diamond-shaped leaves (sawn); flowers yellowish (July-August), in 8-15 radial umbels with folded back wraps and wraps; Fruit ovoid with 10 winged ribs, somewhat resemble caraway seeds, when ripening they turn brown. The root is brownish, thick and fleshy and bears several stems with thin secondary roots. The leaves, roots and seeds all have a strong celery-like odor.

Lavas as a medicinal herb

  1. As a medicinal herb, lovage has been almost forgotten. Yet Lavas also had a great reputation.

Active ingredients

  1. Essential oil 0.1 to 0.5% fresh and up to 1% in dried carrot, consists mainly of phthalides that cause the odor (Gijbels M, et al. Planta Medica 1982; 44) Coumarin glycosides, furanocoumarins: umbelliferone, bergapten .. photosensitizing Sitosterols: beta-sitosterol Leaf and especially the root certainly has a diuretic effect, so can be used for edema, bladder and kidney ailments, kidney stones. The plant may combine the qualities of fennel, celery and angelica.

A diuretic recipe: Species diuretica DAB 6

  1. Levisticians radix conc. Lavas 25

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