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Laxative fruits and vegetables against constipation

  1. Constipation, or slow bowel movements, can be extremely annoying. It is not always clear what causes it. Incorrect eating habits can be a cause. If the complaints have only recently arisen, you can try to improve bowel movements with a different diet. If the problem does not go away or is very serious, talk to a doctor. Fruits and vegetables may be suitable for improving bowel movements. Which fruits and vegetables are suitable, and which ones should you not eat if you have constipation?

Fruits that are good for the intestines

  1. There are many types of fruit that are good for intestinal function, such as:

Tips to improve bowel movements

  1. There are quite a few (natural and less natural) remedies that improve bowel movements. Fiber and sufficient moisture are needed daily to promote bowel movements. Fiber absorbs moisture and moisture ensures that the stool remains soft.

Vegetables general and raw vegetables

  1. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber. The best for our body are just the foods that we would eat in nature. Such as: vegetables, raw or stir-fried or boiled. Raw vegetables (washed well) are extra good for bowel movements. Also lightly stir-fried with some olive oil, vegetables are very good for bowel movements. Vegetables with an excellent laxative effect include:


  1. Olive oil hemp oil linseed oil avocado oil coconut organic oil other recommended oil


  1. Regularly throw a handful of seeds over the food, such as salads, spreads and meats (meat from land and water):


  1. Also (raw) nuts are beneficial for bowel movements. From a botanical point of view, nuts are simple nuts. In general, caps produce only one seed, the nut. The shell (officially the pericarp) of the nut is hard and resembles wood. Nuts are high in fat and fiber and are good for bowel movements.

Legumes and beans

  1. Beans and legumes, such as peanuts and peas, are also rich in fiber.

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