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Less benefit with increased deductible

  1. Anyone can increase his or her deductible for a lower health insurance premium. Nevertheless, in 2016 this will yield less benefits for many health insurers than before.

  1. This is shown by research by the financial comparison site An insured person can increase his own risk with a maximum of 500 euros. In 2015, this resulted in a discount of almost 20 euros per month. In 2016 this is 17.74 euros.

Biggest drop in youth insurance

  1. The most striking reductions in benefit come from Anderzorg and CZ Direct. Everyone who increases their deductible there to the maximum will receive a discount of 3 euros less than before. That is 36 euros on an annual basis. "It is precisely for the target group of these insurers that increasing the deductible is often interesting, because young people and students use little or no care", says a spokesperson for Despite the reduction in the benefit, the basic premium of Anderzorg is the lowest there is. The insured must then increase the deductible to a maximum of 885 euros. A deductible of 385 applies in 2016.


  1. A number of Achmea labels are also lowering the discount for customers who opt for a higher deductible: Avà © ro Achmea, OZF Achmea, ProLife and Zilveren Kruis. At 18.50 euros per month, they still offer an above-average discount at the highest deductible, but this is almost 30 euros less per year than in 2015.

Conscious choice Health insurers Avéro Achmea and Zilveren Kruis speak of a necessary 'incentive' for their customers. "We really want it to be a conscious choice, because some of our customers will be surprised during the year if something unexpected happens and the hospital receives a hefty bill," said a Zilveren Kruis spokesperson. A Univà © agrees with this: "We are seeing an increase in the number of people experiencing payment problems. We suspect that the less well-off, on the basis of high discounts, now opt for a high deductible, and that this means that they will later be able to finance them. problems come. " Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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