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Libra zodiac sign: character, love, work health

  1. You are the zodiac sign of Libra if you were born between September 23 and October 22. People with the zodiac sign Libra immediately stand out because of a number of typical characteristics. They have a hard time, especially when it comes to making decisions. Because of all these doubts, they are often worrying. Furthermore, stress is also common in this zodiac sign. It is therefore important for the Libra to relax in time. If not done in time, their happy personality turns into a grumpy disposition.

Libra constellation personality

  1. Doubts are central to people with the zodiac sign Libra. It is very difficult for these people to make a decision. This is because they think a lot and constantly weigh up the pros and cons. That's not bad, because after making a decision, Libras are able to thoroughly explain why they made that choice. Because the scales think so much, it is the ideal mediator during quarrels. In doing so, the Libra tries to empathize with all points of view and weigh the pros and cons. Other people appreciate the Libra taking their point of view into account.

The Libra in love relationships

  1. The Libra usually has a lot of charm. Because of this, he certainly does not lack interest from the opposite sex. Libra loves love and especially the game. Conquering someone is central. It is important that the Libra is challenged enough. Even though the Libra likes to conquer someone, he doesn't like to be alone. He longs for a stable relationship with the right partner.

The Scale on work surface

  1. Libra loves beauty, as said before. This makes an artistic profession ideal. Just think of architect, fashion, advertising, ... Working in a team is a piece of cake for the Libra. His ability to empathize with others makes him the ideal communication partner. It does not matter whether the Libra has a managerial or a subordinate role. Furthermore, professions with an arithmetic insight are also recommended (aircraft construction, shipbuilding, ...).

The Libra and his health

  1. Kidneys Libra's weak point is the kidneys. It is therefore important for him to drink a lot (especially water). Continuous deliberation can also be extremely stressful. He becomes 'clogged', as it were. Here too, water can ensure that it flushes this 'blockage'.


  1. When the Libra goes for something, he gives himself completely. This makes it advisable to rest regularly. This way he can prevent his body from becoming too exhausted.

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