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Lime blossom: the health benefits of lime blossom tea

  1. The lime tree has been known as a medicinal plant since the Middle Ages. The lime trees start to bloom in June and you can make a tasty herbal tea from the blossom with the accompanying bracts. It is best to pick the lime blossom on a sunny morning when the blossoms are dry and the sun's power is present. As a medicine, two types are used: the winter lime (Tilia cordata or small-leaved lime) and the summer lime (Tilia platyphyllos or large-leaved lime). Both species belong to the linden family (Tiliaceae) and bloom from June to July. They are found in Europe and West Asia and mainly grow in deciduous forests. The winter lime is a tree that can reach a height of about 25 to 30 meters. The height of the common lime can reach 40 meters.


  1. The mucilages in lime blossom can relieve dry coughs. Because when they get on the mucous membrane in the mouth and throat, they cover it as a kind of protective layer. This calms the irritated mucous membrane. Lime blossom tea is also said to be diaphoretic. Those who have a cold and a fever

Application of lime blossom

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Lime blossom tea

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Health Benefits of Lime Blossom

  1. Lime blossom has various applications in natural medicine. Due to the numerous positive effects that are known through the interaction of the individual ingredients, lime blossom can be used for a wide range of complaints. You can 'sweat out' a flu with lime blossom tea. If you have a cough and sore throat


  1. Frequent use of lime flower tea has been associated with heart damage in rare cases.

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