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Lime, fresh healing power

  1. Lime is a nice little citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C. The lime is a delicious fruit to make a marinade with, but it can also be squeezed and mixed with a multi-fruit juice. Limes are tropical fruits. They have a beautiful green color. The fresh taste is comparable to lemon, but lime has a slightly more subtle flavor.

The healing power of lime

  1. The lime is the lemon's little sister. Limes have a green skin and yellow flesh with a little bit of green in it. The lime is not the smallest of all citrus fruits

Limonine against cancer

  1. Lime contains the substance limonine. This is an active antioxidant that stops cancer cells from developing at an early stage. Equivalent substances from green tea and chocolate

2 limes give you enough vitamin C

  1. Vitamin C is a healthy substance, almost everyone knows that. The lime contains a lot of vitamin C. Just 100 grams is enough to make the Recommended Daily Allowance

Fresh lime lemonade on ice

  1. Eating two limes a day may seem like a lot, but this amount, and sometimes even more, is freshly squeezed in many tropical countries to serve as the basis for fresh lime lemonade on ice cubes. This is made by putting warm sugar water, lime and ice cubes in a glass. In such a case you drink two limes per glass. Of course it is wise to use cane sugar instead of refined white sugar. Of course it is warmer in the tropics and people drink more there than in the Netherlands

Lime against rheumatism

  1. Vitamin C is good for the whole body. What few people know is that it is especially good for rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatism is an unpleasant and painful disease that can be prevented by eating extra fruits with vitamin C. In 2012, the cause of rheumatism is unknown to scientists, but in fact there have been people who have known how rheumatism is caused for a long time. Rheumatism, according to herbal experts

Natural vitamin C helps cure rheumatism

  1. Smoking is a cause of rheumatism. Just look around you at people who have rheumatism; not infrequently they have smoked for decades of their lives. Vitamin C is a powerful substance that the body can repair when the body breaks down the toxins in the cartilage. When the body gets a lot of natural vitamin C, the body will use this in a rheumatism patient to remove extra toxins from bones. Vitamin pills and drinks with added vitamin C are counterproductive to this process. Artificial vitamin C is perceived by the body as a substance to be eliminated from the body through the urine as quickly as possible, while natural vitamin C remains in the body for 24 hours and has all kinds of anti-inflammatory properties.

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