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Losing weight and eating out

  1. Even when you're on the phone, you still want to go out for dinner. But what should you take? You don't want to order a plate full of raw vegetables and eat it with long teeth, while your partner feeds on a plate of fries.

Italian restaurant

  1. A pizza seems healthy: in fact, the dough with foods like mushrooms, tomato and cheese is baked in the oven. But make no mistake. A pizza quickly contains about 800 to more than 1000 calories. A woman needs 2000 calories per day, so a pizza takes up a good part of the daily energy requirement. If you choose to go to an Italian restaurant, don't go for the pizza. If you do this, order a pizza with a lot of vegetables, such as a vegetarian pizza. A pizza with tuna is not only tasty, but also reasonably healthy. One pizza you should avoid is the multi-cheese pizza. In fact, a pizza is little more than a slice of dough with olive oil and tomato-based sauce, decorated with vegetables and meat, and sprinkled generously with cheese. It is precisely that cheese that makes a pizza contain more calories than a portion of chips.

The snack bar

  1. The chip shop is not recommended if you are trying to lose some pounds. However, it doesn't hurt to order a small portion of fries. Take raw vegetables with it; that fills and you also have something to nibble. In terms of snack, it is better to take a croquette than a frikadel, because of the amount of unsaturated fats. Do not use mayonnaise or satay sauce, but curry or tomato ketchup. If you fry at home, you can opt for French fries sauce. This contains less fat than mayonnaise.

The pancake house

  1. We advise against stuffed pancakes with meat and pancakes with bacon and cheese. An apple pancake, a pancake with ham and pineapple or a plain pancake contains about 500 kcal, an acceptable amount for an evening meal. For dessert there is often a choice of fresh fruit. Don't be tempted by “sugar free ice cream”: extra fat has been added to give the ice cream flavor, making the ice cream the same calorie as “regular” ice cream. [! 174594 => 1130 = 6502!] A restaurant

  1. Choose lean meats, such as chicken and lean beef, eg steak. If you like pork, there is also plenty of choice, such as fricandeau and roulade. Fish is highly recommended. Actually all types of fish are good. The white varieties are lean, but the fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel contain unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.


  1. The advantage of wok cooking is that you have all the choice. As before, the tomato soup is not recommended due to the amount of sugars. Choose a fish soup or an unbound soup instead.


  1. Cozy, such an evening “Chinese” with the family. Still, Chinese food is not as healthy as people often think or hope, because Chinese cuisine contains many fatty and sweet dishes. Chinese food to be better off is Foe Young Hai (egg with red sauce), Babi Pang gang (pork, in sweet and sour sauce) satay sauce and Tzoe Wan (roasted pork skin).

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