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Losing weight with green coffee due to chlorogenic acid

  1. Green coffee is a product rich in chlorogenic acid that can help you lose weight. For the roasting process that coffee beans are normally exposed to to make our black gold, the beans are green. They naturally contain a high content of chlorogenic acid (Svetol), but this is lost during the roasting process. Green coffee-based supplements - which are available in powder and capsules - have retained this substance. Chlorogenic acid stimulates fat burning and also has some other health benefits.

Losing weight with green coffee

  1. About green coffee Free from caffeine Other substances in green coffee Chlorogenic acid (GCA) stimulates fat burning More health benefits of chlorogenic acid Green coffee products

About green coffee

  1. Green coffee

Caffeine Free

  1. Many associate coffee with caffeine

Chlorogenic acid (GCA) stimulates fat burning

  1. Chlorogenic acid is such a useful diet product because it stimulates fat burning. This is exactly what you want when you are trying to get rid of the excess pounds. That chlorogenic acid - also known under the product name Svetol - stimulates fat burning has been scientifically proven. For example, the mechanism of action of the substance was unraveled on the basis of French research from 2014. Researchers have shown that chlorogenic acid or Svetol causes an increased lipolysis, whereby triglyceride is broken down into glycerol and free fatty acid molecules (Flanagan, J. et al, 2014

More health benefits of chlorogenic acid

  1. Chlorogenic acid or Svetol is good for more than just fat burning. For example, there are indications that the substance has an anti-inflammatory effect and can be useful in combating tooth decay. American research from 2012 also shows that green coffee is good for the brain. Coffee consumption has long been associated with a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia later on. However, due to the adverse effects of caffeine on the vascular walls in the human body, doctors do not consider it wise to recommend the consumption of coffee. This gave American researchers the idea to investigate whether the caffeine-free green coffee might also be beneficial for the brain. In their research, they indeed found a positive influence of the consumption of green coffee on the energy metabolism in the brain (Ho, L. et al, 2012

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