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Lost in a swamp � what now?

  1. Going down in quicksand or in a swamp is not an adventure movie myth. Over the years, many people have drowned in peat areas, including the Peel and the High Fens. They sank into a swamp with weak, crusty 'banks', as a result of which they found no grip and slowly died of drowning as a result of exhaustion and panic. This also happened in days gone by, when the Roman legions and Spanish armies advanced to the northern regions and they underestimated the strength and treachery of the Dutch marshes. Even today's unsuspecting walkers, who leave the beaten path, run the risk of being startled by soil literally sinking under their feet.


  1. Treacherous swamp Liquid quicksand A warned person counts for two Some survival rules in the swamp Do not panic Slow movements Favorable weight distribution Provide buoyancy Rope Avoid Exhaustion

Treacherous swamp

  1. Swamps are easily recognizable. These spongy, wet areas in peat areas are almost no longer found in the Netherlands. In fact, it concerns the transition from fresh water to land. The Dutch swamp areas, such as parts of the Peel, the Weerribben and the Bourtanger swamp - a high moor area in the northeast of the Netherlands - have for the most part been reclaimed or dug up. Dehydration and forestation will do the rest. Also in the Walloon High Fens (Hautes Fagnes)

Liquid quicksand

  1. Quicksand can be compared somewhat to jelly, where the viscosity can change suddenly under pressure. Any heavy weight sinks into it. It usually concerns an area where groundwater is mixed with sandy soil. Moreover, quicksand is rather difficult to recognize, because a hard crust has often formed on the surface. For hikers who spend a day alone in nature, possibly lost

A forewarned person counts for two

  1. Make sure you know the dangers of peatlands, especially when you leave the beaten track. When traversing swampy areas, keep the high altitude

Some rules of survival in the swamp

  1. Realize that swamps can occur in both high and low-lying (peat) areas. The trustworthiness

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