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Low-calorie snacks, snacks for a healthy diet

  1. It can be so fun. On a beautiful summer evening cozy in the garden or in winter by the fireplace, drinking a nice glass of wine and eating tasty snacks. However, many snacks are packed with calories. Yet it is also possible to make and eat healthy and low-calorie snacks. With a dose of creativity and some tasty recipes, you can enjoy healthy and low-calorie snacks even if you are on a diet.

Snacks and diet

  1. Many people dread dieting or watching calories. This is mainly because following a diet is often associated with less tasty food and denying yourself snacks, such as snacks. While this is logical at first, it is certainly not always the case. After all, snacks can fit perfectly within the diet, if you make the right choices in the kitchen.


  1. When you choose a piece of toast, take a good look at the packaging before purchasing to see which variant contains the fewest calories. A low-calorie type of toast is, for example, the Melba toast. This toast is available in premium brands, such as van der Meulen, as well as private labels. There are also round and rectangular toasts. A round of Melba toast contains 10 Kcal per 2.5 gr toast. If possible, choose the wholemeal variant. You eat less of this and it contains good fiber. Choose mainly light types and lean varieties as a topping. Some tips for low-calorie toppings for toast are;


  1. A slice of cucumber is a healthy variant for a toast and can also be invested with delicious low-calorie variants.


  1. Tomatoes are naturally low in calories and very healthy. They contain vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and B6 and lycopene, which may play a role in the protection against cancer. Tomatoes lend themselves well to all kinds of tasty snacks.

Low-calorie snacks with meat and fish

  1. If you prefer snacks with meat, you should opt for lean meats and combine to your heart's content.

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