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Matcha: magical stuff?

  1. Matcha is a powder made from green tea. According to many blogs on the internet, this bright green stuff is really super healthy. What can you believe?

  1. The Health Council has included special advice on tea in the new Guidelines for a healthy diet. The advice is: drink three cups of black or green tea a day. With such concrete health advice about tea, our country is truly a pioneer!

Tea is healthy

  1. The Health Council says that tea lowers blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of a stroke. Other studies show that tea contains antioxidants, which protect the body against harmful influences such as aging, pollution and smoking. It is quite possible that matcha contains extra antioxidants due to its bright green color.

Matcha extra healthy?

  1. Is matcha really magic? It is said that matcha: keeps the mood up improves concentration and stamina your skin rejuvenates provides extra calorie burn Wellâ € ¦. few scientific studies have been done on matcha. At most there are a few studies in test tubes and with laboratory animals, but few with humans. The health claims about matcha are (unfortunately) not yet proven.

Green, black or herbs The Nutrition Center says that three-quarters of the Dutch believe that green tea is healthier than black tea, but it really isn't. Drinking tea is a healthy habit, but it doesn't matter much whether you drink green or black tea. What about herbal tea? The following applies: it is tasty, but has no proven health effects. Also read What is Matcha? Is tea really that healthy? Is ready-made ice tea a healthy tea? From rooibos to green Tea: a cup of health? Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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