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Menopause tea, hot flushes and nausea

  1. Tea against menopause, against hot flushes and against nausea. It's there. Many herbs and leaves have medicinal properties. For example, sage helps to combat sweating and ginger helps with all types of nausea, including those during pregnancy. How do you make tea against menopause? And what do you make tea for hot flashes? And what does tea against nausea consist of? Read it below and make your own tea for menopause, hot flushes or nausea.

Tea for hot flashes and night sweats

  1. There is no hormone involved in this tea. Nobody really knows why sage prevents the sweating process, but it is a fact. Raspberries are known for balancing female hormones. A good natural remedy for menopausal women, but also women who menstruate at the moment.

Menopause and menstrual tea

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Natural remedy for morning sickness and motion sickness

  1. Ginger has always been known for its nausea properties. Those who are pregnant and cannot see food in the morning or are constantly vomiting or people suffering from motion sickness should try these ginger candies.

Crystallized ginger

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Ginger tea

  1. For a quick remedy for morning sickness and motion sickness, you can also brew ginger tea.

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