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Muscle cramps in legs or feet

  1. It happens to most people sometimes, suddenly an excruciating cramp in the foot, toes or calf. These muscle spasms are very painful and can last for a long time. Often the cramps come out of nowhere, for example at night when you are sleeping or during the day while exercising. Why is this and what can be done about it?

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

  1. A possible cause of muscle cramps can be a lack of vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium or zinc. Try to eat a healthy diet and take a multi-vitamin preparation as a supplement. This may have a beneficial effect on the complaints. Many people claim that eating bananas reduces muscle cramps. Incidentally, an excess of caffeine or alcohol can also cause muscle cramps.

Problems with the moisture balance

  1. Perhaps the fluid balance is disturbed and this is the reason for muscle cramps. This is sometimes easy to solve by drinking more or less, eating less salt or by quickly replenishing shortages due to excessive sweating. This is not the case if there are other reasons for a disturbed fluid balance. One reason that is difficult to eliminate is lipedema, for example. When you suffer from this, you will suffer from muscle cramps more often. Wearing compression stockings can sometimes help.


  1. Muscle cramps are also more common during pregnancy. The reasons for this can be many. Pregnant women often suffer from a shortage of certain vitamins and minerals, fluid balance problems, low blood sugar and poor blood flow. So make sure you have enough fluids and eat healthy. Get plenty of exercise and plenty of rest. Try to sleep on your left side so that your uterus does not cut off too much blood flow to your legs. Consult your midwife if you continue to experience muscle cramps.

High blood pressure

  1. If you often suffer from muscle cramps, it is not a bad idea to have your blood pressure measured. If it turns out to be too high, your doctor may prescribe diuretics, beta blockers or other antihypertensive drugs. This will help against high blood pressure and you will probably also have less muscle cramps as a result.

Low blood sugar

  1. When the cramps are caused by low blood sugar, a grape sugar tablet can offer a solution. Are you on a diet or do you regularly skip a meal? Then this could be the cause. Prevent this by eating and eating at regular intervals before overexerting.

Poor circulation

  1. When you have poor blood circulation, the muscle gets too little oxygen and the waste products are removed too slowly. This causes the muscle spasm. Overloading the muscles due to too much one-sided load (running for example) has the same effect (too little oxygen and too much waste in the muscle) and can therefore also cause muscle cramps. Venal Cream and Venal capsules from Biodermal may help when poor circulation is the cause of the complaints. Furthermore, eating cayenne pepper, ginger and garlic is said to be good for the circulation.

How do you get rid of muscle cramps?

  1. If you cannot find the cause or do nothing about it, it is possible to get rid of the muscle cramp quickly.

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