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Muscle hardening in the neck: causes, treatment and prevention

  1. Muscle hardening in the neck is painful and it restricts freedom of movement. Multiple causes can cause muscle hardening or hard muscles in the neck. In addition to unilateral movements and overload, damage to the cervical spine, which consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, can also be the cause. Good self-care or possibly medical treatment is important so that hardening of the muscles does not become a permanent problem. Consult your doctor in case of persistent or worsening muscle hardening in the neck. The GP can assess what is wrong and what treatment is needed.

Muscle hardening in the neck

  1. Constant tension of the muscles sooner or later causes complaints. A balance is needed between tightened muscles and relaxed muscles. These movements ensure adequate blood circulation. And it ensures that the capillaries are supplied with nutrients. The lack of relaxation leads to inflammation and the result is pain

Causes of hardened neck muscles

  1. A permanent wrong position leads to muscle hardening

Consult your doctor

  1. Muscle hardening in the neck can often be addressed with self-care measures. These include plenty of exercise

Treatment of muscle hardening in the neck

  1. Heat, massages and physiotherapy

Forecast and outlook

  1. Muscle hardening in the neck is a common phenomenon. The prognosis mainly depends on two factors: on the one hand a possible underlying medical cause and its successful treatment, on the other hand possible necessary behavioral changes in the person with complaints. In many cases, muscle tension becomes

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