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Nectarine: healthy and delicious

  1. The nectarine is a fruit that is closely related to the peach. Where the peach still has that super soft skin, the nectarine in the smooth and shiny skin is easier to eat and cut into pieces. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a cross between peach and plum. The nectarine is fresh and full of vitamins. How healthy is the nectarine actually and how do you use the nectarine differently from the regular piece of fruit?

The basis of the nectarine

  1. Nectarines come from China and via Persia (what we now call Iran) they ended up in Greece and Spain. Since the present era we know that the nectarine exists. The nectarine is closely related to the peach, in fact it is a natural mutation of the peach, with the first nectarines simply hanging from the peach tree.

What is the nutritional value?

  1. The nectarine, which consists of almost 90% water, has a diameter of more than six centimeters. The number of calories is about sixty per nectarine. The nectarine contains antioxidants (these "fight" against the free radicals that can cause damage in the body) and also contains a number of vitamins and minerals, namely:

How to save?

  1. Do not store nectarines for too long, as they are susceptible to rotting. This does not have to directly detract from nutritional value, but they do look less attractive quickly. Deeper brown spots do not taste as good. Always wash nectarines well, they are properly supplied with all kinds of pesticides. Of course you can always take the organic version. This is slightly more expensive and can usually be purchased in specialty stores or organic stores. The nectarines are usually at their best about two days after purchase.

How to eat?

  1. Of course it is a fresh piece of fruit that can be eaten after a good wash. Due to the firm skin and firm flesh, the nectarine is easier to eat than the peach. The same nectarine can also easily be cut into wedges / slices and that opens up a number of new possibilities, such as:


  1. The nectarine can certainly be called 'healthy food' and is appreciated by many people for its taste. This has to do with the less pronounced taste, so it is very accessible fruit. That also makes the nectarine easy to combine.

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