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Nutrition during pregnancy

  1. Women who are pregnant receive all kinds of advice about their nutrition during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat for two (which is nonsense) and prefer pickles and herrings during pregnancy. A balanced and healthy diet is especially important when you are pregnant. Women of average weight should gain about 12-16 kg during pregnancy. Gaining more kilos is certainly not necessary.

Taking extra vitamins during pregnancy

  1. It is well known but also advisable to take extra vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. There are special multi-vitamin and mineral preparations for pregnant women for sale, such as gravitamon. This is helpful for your calcium and iron levels

How many extra kilos during pregnancy

  1. Not every woman needs the same number of extra pounds during pregnancy. This depends on the body weight

Where are the weights going?

  1. It is interesting to know how the kilos

Nutrition during pregnancy

  1. Make sure you drink enough water during your pregnancy. Your pregnant body needs a lot of moisture, without extra moisture you can even feel weak. It also prevents dehydration and premature uterine contractions. Water can also be milk or juice. Coffee and tea actually dissipate moisture, so don't drink too much. For non-pregnant women it is normal that your diet consists of 60% carbohydrates, 15% fat and 25% protein. This 'rule' does not apply to pregnant women. If you mainly want to eat carbohydrate-rich foods, you have to. The same is true if you have more than 25% protein-rich foods

Constipation in pregnant women

  1. The hormone progesterone is quite present during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this hormone can cause constipation, and the extra intake of iron (if you take an iron preparation, not with a multivitamin preparation) also causes constipation. Pregnant women who have to rest in bed are more likely to have constipation due to lack of exercise. To avoid constipation, you should drink plenty of fluids and consume plenty of dietary fiber. Move as much as possible.

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