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Oral allergy syndrome: Symptoms of mouth after eating food

  1. Oral allergy syndrome is an allergic reaction in the mouth caused after eating certain raw fruits and vegetables and other foods. Patients allergic to pollen may experience oral allergy syndrome because the protein in pollen is similar to the protein in these foods. The patient only has to deal with mild mouth-related complaints, such as an itching and swelling of the mouth. The symptoms do not arise when the patient avoids the triggering food products, but other tips also help treat or prevent the complaints. Finally, the condition has a good prognosis as the symptoms are rarely severe.

Epidemiology of food allergy

  1. Oral allergy syndrome occurs mainly in adults, although children may also be affected. Women are more affected than men. Because the foods in which the allergen (triggering agent of allergic reaction)

Oral Allergy Syndrome Causes

  1. Oral allergy syndrome is a mild form of food allergy. Certain foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables cause an allergic reaction in the mouth. These fruits and vegetables have a protein similar to that of pollen protein. The oral allergy syndrome therefore occurs in patients with pollen allergy and in patients with allergic rhinitis

Diagnosis and investigations

  1. Interview and elimination diet As the signs are usually mild, it is not necessary to consult a doctor. In more severe symptoms, the patient visits the doctor. The doctor must diagnose the presence of hay fever along with itching and tingling that develops after eating fresh fruits, vegetables or other foods. In many cases, an accurate medical history of the patient shows a link between eating a particular type of food and the onset of tingling or swelling. Sometimes it is not possible to make a diagnosis in this way and the doctor has to follow an elimination diet


  1. Medication Conventional treatment consists of antihistamines (medicines to treat an allergic reaction). This drug relieves symptoms. Sometimes patients also receive immunotherapy


  1. Complications are virtually non-existent with this form of food allergy. 1-2% of patients with oral allergy syndrome show extreme reactions, for example anaphylaxis

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