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Parsley; herb with healing power

  1. Parsley is delicious with salad or in sauces. In addition, it is super healthy! It cures ear infections, diarrhea, anemia and even breast cancer according to a recent study. There are dozens of diseases that parsley fights. It's full of iron; more than spinach. Parsley has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years; the culinary value of parsley has only been recognized for several hundred years.

Biennial plant

  1. Parsley is an herb that grows easily in the garden or in a pot on the balcony in the Western European climate. It is a biennial plant and will survive the winter in the Netherlands

Blood, blood vessels and anemia

  1. Because parsley is packed with iron, it cures anemia. Parsley ensures that more red blood cells are produced. Women who menstruate can therefore use extra parsley to prevent anemia. Parsley helps to purify the blood. It keeps the veins elastic. Cholesterol is dissolved by substances in parsley. The blood vessels become stronger. In this way, parsley is good for cardiovascular disease

Parsley helps against breast cancer

  1. Parsley is an antioxidant

Menstruation and menopause

  1. Parsley is good for menopausal women. Dry skin, irritation feelings and hair loss are counteracted with parsley. In the past it was also recommended to smear parsley on the bald head of men; then hair would grow back. In any case, drinking parsley tea helps to bring the hormone balance into harmony. In addition, it is good for women who menstruate and women with PMS. Due to the high vitamin C content of parsley and the presence of beta-carotene, parsley helps to strengthen the immune system. Parsley helps against menstrual pain and irregular periods. Eating this tasty and healthy green herb makes the menstrual cycle more regular. There is apiol in parsley, a bio-identical hormone


  1. The kidneys are strengthened and cleaned by eating parsley or drinking the parsley tea. The kidneys will function better by taking this medicinal herb. It also helps against absorption of too much salt

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