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Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. You did not have your period, you are waiting for your period. You hope or are just afraid. The absence of a period can be a pregnancy symptom, but it is not always. However, there are other pregnancy symptoms as well, a quick overview.

Symptoms can include:

  1. The basal temperature has increased If the woman has taken her body temperature every morning before getting up for several weeks and placed it on a graph, she may notice that after a certain time the curve of this temperature is higher than normal. If this curve is higher than normal for 18 days or more, it is almost certain that the woman is pregnant.


  1. Before getting up in the morning you may feel nauseous. It often helps to eat a biscuit before getting up so that the stomach is not completely empty when standing up. It is also linked to this that the woman may have a sudden aversion to certain smells, such as coffee and the like. This is usually a temporary phenomenon, but not always.


  1. ​​Some suffer from it, others not. Fatigue can last as long as a full day and improves as the body gets used to the other hormones that are now in the body. This may take several weeks or months.

Aversion to certain foods / cravings for certain foods

  1. An aversion or craving for certain foods can also often be an indicator of pregnancy. What people just liked in the past, can no longer be smelled or seen. What one could not eat in the past is often gladly eaten now.


  1. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones one can suffer from moodiness. The woman may be hypersensitive to certain topics or situations that arise.

More frequent urination

  1. Due to the pressure exerted on the bladder, people have to urinate more than usual. This stabilizes after a few weeks, but can get worse again in the last few months.

Areola turns darker

  1. Some women notice that they are pregnant because the areola turns darker than before. One can also suffer from sensitive and / or painful breasts.

  2. Some women notice that they are pregnant because the areola turns darker than before. One can also suffer from tender and / or painful breasts.

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