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Pregnancy: weeks 9 to 12

  1. Pregnant: ultrasound, abdomen, abdominal pain, symptoms, days, gender. After twelve weeks of pregnancy there is a complete mini-person, who still has 28 weeks to grow into a fully grown baby. What can go wrong in weeks 9 to 12 and how is development progressing? Weeks 9 to 12 correspond to 2 to 3 months pregnant. An exciting period for most women. At the end of this period, most women announce that they are pregnant.

Week 9: day 56 to day 63

  1. In this week the woman is two months pregnant. The nausea that often occurs during pregnancy can now be very severe. This is often worst in the morning. Eating a light breakfast or starting the day with a cup of tea can help prevent the worst of nausea. The pregnant woman's breasts also gain weight. This happens under the influence of hormones. This gaining weight is necessary in order to be able to breastfeed the baby later. The breasts may also feel painful due to the weight gain. The abdomen can also sometimes give painful stings. This has to do with the growth of the uterus. The woman's intestines also swell up, making pants tighter.

Week 10: 2 months pregnant

  1. From the 10th week, the embryo is called a fetus. Another two weeks, then the critical period is over. Most construction errors and abnormalities occur in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. More than half of the pregnancies end in miscarriage, the majority of which are already before four weeks of pregnancy. Still, it remains exciting until twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Week 11

  1. The production of the pregnancy hormone HCG is highest in this week. Many women join mothers for mothers, passing urine. The HCG is extracted from this urine and used in medicines. These drugs are for women who have difficulties conceiving. Unfortunately, the HCG hormone is also being abused and given to people who want to lose weight.

Week 12: end of first trimester

  1. The first trimester runs from week 1 to week 12. In the first 12 weeks, an entire mini-person is created, complete with organs, heart, limbs, skin and hair. This is an exciting period for many women. The chance of a miscarriage decreases enormously after the 12th week. Complaints such as nausea also decrease.

What can go wrong in weeks 8 to 12?

  1. Although most build errors occur in the first six weeks, mistakes can still be made later. Some errors are hereditary, others the result of an infection, for example. When the baby lags behind in growth, this is often a sign of a construction error. In some cases, however, the baby later catches up with this stunted growth.

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