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Quantum Healing, a New Vision of Medicine

  1. Quantum healing is a fast and effective scientific method that can soothe pain and promote healing. It also quickly deals with unpleasant emotions, even if we do not know exactly why they are offered to us. The pure consciousness, the foundation of all existence, ensures that the healing starts. Quantum healing is a breakthrough in energetic healing through the hands. The therapist does not heal, the patient does that himself.


  1. Quantum healing works through gentle touch. They first bring the autonomic nervous system to a deep rest and then activate it and then spontaneously initiate the healing process. Physical illness can arise on all five levels in all five bodies. In many cases, the cause of a disease must be investigated on more than one level. Anyone can heal from any illness by realizing that illness is only an illusion. For example, extensive laughter could cure cancer. One does not have to believe in this therapy to be able to benefit from it. This method can be applied lying or standing with:

Treatment of physical complaints

  1. This is done in the following way:

Centralizing attention

  1. Now focus your attention on the first index finger and become fully aware of what you feel in that place where finger and muscle meet. Then all attention is focused on the second tip of the index finger. Just like on the other finger. Then become aware of what you feel in both fingers at the same time for a few seconds. This is done effortlessly. Do nothing at all while keeping both of those points in expanded consciousness. If you focus your attention exclusively on both fingertips, you will soon experience a sense of well-being. Become aware of that, while your awareness is still at the other two points of contact. Now you have three points of concentration in consciousness. Continue with awareness of the three points until you notice a change in the client's muscles. This process can take several minutes for beginning therapists (*).

Treatment of emotional complaints

  1. This procedure is as follows:

Complaints reduction after treatment

  1. Immediately after a session there is almost always noticeable relief of symptoms. However, it sometimes happens that the pain gets worse before it improves. Quantum healing drastically eliminates unpleasant emotions with emotions, even if we don't know exactly why they occur. It can cause the movements of thinking to come to a standstill on the spot. Then the mind can be completely in the here and now, so that it is no longer fully occupied with the past and the future. Thus it is released from all the guilt, anger, worry and fear that goes with it.

Pure consciousness

  1. This cannot be accomplished simply by thinking about it. That is only possible by not thinking about it. It is the source of energy without being energy itself. The quality of consciousness determines the quality of your life. Among other things, it is located in the space between two thoughts. People are not aware of this until you start thinking about it through observation. It's there anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, it is indivisible, without form and it transcends thought. So consciousness is not the mind. In contrast, thoughts and emotions are mental forms. The further away the thoughts from pure consciousness, the weaker they become and the more likely they are to cause damage in the form of negative thoughts. Fear can arise when the ego appears to separate itself from pure consciousness and then assume its own identity.

Extensive Quantum Healing

  1. In addition to the one-minute standard session, a more extensive session can also take place. Every few minutes, just as it occurs to you, move the index fingers to other parts of the client's body. This includes the forehead, temples, upper abdomen or heart area. This procedure can take up to an hour, although 20 minutes is a good average. The healing impulses of the pure consciousness take care of the rest. This version is especially valuable for chronic health conditions and is amazingly powerful.

  2. In addition to the one-minute standard session, you can also

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