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Raise your energetic vibration with simple tips

  1. Everything that exists in the universe is in its essence pure energy. Just as quantum physics has proven that matter is not solid, but is a state of energy that vibrates at very low vibrations, it is the same with thoughts, emotions, and the actions you take. What you think, feel, and do, if they are of a positive nature, they have higher vibrations / vibrations than negative thoughts, emotions and actions. How can you level up your vibration?


  1. Sit down somewhere calm and try to breathe through your stomach instead of the chest. Belly breathing is an efficient way to reduce your stress level. Breathing through the abdomen is done by breathing deeper and slower, so that your body gets a full supply of oxygen. It has a direct effect on your nervous system and helps you calm down. A quiet vibration is a high vibration.

Drink energetically charged water

  1. Doctor Masaru Emoto, discovered that thoughts have a direct influence on the crystal structure of water. He did this with a simple test: He filled two bottles with water, then took two pieces of paper, and wrote on one piece of paper the phrase "I love you," and on the other piece of paper "I hate you." Then, he glued them individually onto the water bottles, and left them for some time. Some time later, he took a small amount of water from both bottles, put it in Petri dishes and placed it under a microscope. It turned out that the crystal structure of the "I love you" bottle had a beautiful harmonic, hexagonal crystal structure, and of the "I hate you" bottle, the crystal structure was completely out of harmony. This seems to show that water can be recharged energetically, by just thoughts, which are no more than vibrations / vibrations. This experiment was also tested with photos and music. In quiet classical music the crystal structure was beautifully hexagonal, and in heavy metal or other heavy music the structure was in disharmony. When you know that the human body of an adult consists of about 55-70% water, the influence of your thoughts on your health is very important. You often hear it said that a person can literally think himself sick, and with this experiment there seems to be a truth behind it. Drinking the importance of positive, energetically charged water can significantly increase your health and therefore your vibration. This experiment can also be applied to other foods.

Learn the Power of Forgiveness

  1. Clinging spasmodically to negative emotions and frustrations is detrimental to health. They are, as it were, energy guzzlers who completely exhaust you not only mentally, but also physically, making you susceptible to all kinds of diseases much faster. Scientific research shows that there is a direct link between negative emotions, frustration and the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels) due to the increased heart rate and rise in blood pressure.

Learn to take control of your own life

  1. You are not a victim of the circumstances, in the present, your past, your upbringing, trauma, or other things. You have the choice at any time to take control of your life and let it change direction. In many ancient wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Taoism, they called this "total responsibility. Only you yourself are responsible for how you feel at the moment, and not anyone else. It is not a curse, it is a blessing because it makes you aware of it. your own strength.

528 hertz love vibration

  1. DNA is not something fixed in itself, and is subject to change. There are different types of sound vibrations, when you catch them, they can have a medicinal effect on your DNA, increasing your vibration. Leonard Horowitz, world-renowned author of fifteen scientific health books and health expert, all healing comes from specific sound vibrations present in the universe. He claims that the cells in your body use your DNA as a kind of antenna that can pick up and send out different vibrations. 528 hertz is according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "the love vibration" This vibration can be experienced in the body as a kind of bliss, waves of ecstasy passing through the cells releasing endorphins that really make you feel alive with everything around you, including the air. that you breathe in is charged with love. Listening to music on this vibration has a healing and calming effect that takes your vibration to a higher level.


  1. Exercise or sports not only ensures a better flow of your energy, but also releases endorphins that make you happier. The happier you are, the higher your vibration, which will attract more positive experiences.


  1. Mudras come from Indian culture, and are symbolic hand gestures that balance the flow of life energy / prana within you. All over your body there are energy channels that are all connected to each other. By a certain position of your hand or other body part, the energy can be transferred when touching another body part, in order to stimulate extra energy at that place. The most famous is the lotus position, in which the thumb and fingers are placed on top of each other, resting on the knee, but there are many other positions. Mudras are just like yoga exercises and have a relaxing effect on both body and mind, only the effect will show itself later. The better the prana can flow through the body, the higher your vibration becomes.

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