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Red urine: causes red colored urine in men and women

  1. Red urine? Eating beetroot can cause red urine. But blood can also cause the urine to turn red. The medical name for blood in the urine is 'hematuria'. Blood in the urine is usually not a cause for great alarm. However, because blood in the urine can be a sign of a serious medical condition, it should not be ignored. All cases of blood in the urine should be evaluated by the doctor, who can conduct an examination to determine if there is an underlying cause. There is no specific treatment for blood in the urine because it is a symptom and not a specific condition. Treatment of blood in the urine focuses on the underlying cause, if it is found. Treatment is often not necessary. Red urine as a result of nutrition is of course no harm at all and does not need to be treated.

Red urine or red colored urine

  1. Despite its alarming appearance, red urine is not necessarily serious. Red or pink urine

What causes blood in the urine?

  1. Blood in urine can come from the kidneys, where urine is made. Blood in the urine

Microscopic hematuria

  1. Blood in the urine, whether visible or invisible to the naked eye, becomes "hematuria

Red urine from causes other than blood

  1. Red urine from food

Assessment of hematuria

  1. Anamnesis, physical examination, blood and urine tests


  1. The treatment of red urine due to blood in the urine depends on the cause. If a cause has been found, the urologist will discuss treatment options with you.

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