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Remove skin tags with vinegar, nail polish and tea tree oil

  1. Skin tags or skin warts are small, soft skin growths. Skin tags are harmless, but can be annoying. Preferred spots are the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin and (when folded) under the breasts. You can have one skin tag of up to tens or hundreds. Almost everyone will develop skin warts at some point in their life. The medical name for skin tags is 'fibroma pendulans'. They mainly occur from middle age and in obese adults. Obesity is associated with skin warts. There are several ways to remove skin warts. You can freeze them with the product HeltiQ Skintags, but there are also home-garden-and-kitchen remedies that can help, such as apple cider vinegar, nail polish and tea tree oil.

What are skin tags?

  1. Skin tags are common acquired benign skin growths. It is a kind of skin flap on a stalk. Skin tags are harmless skin growths that can range in number from one to hundreds. Men and women are equally affected. Skin tags are associated with obesity. While some skin tags can fall off spontaneously, most do not disappear once formed. Its medical name is fibroma pendulans. In the Netherlands, these skin flaps are also known as skin warts. Sometimes the name 'soft fibroids'

Who will be affected?

  1. Age Almost everyone gets one or more skin tags at some point in their life. They are more common in adults, although children can also get skin warts. They are very common in middle-aged people, and they appear in greater numbers up to your 60th birthday. Children and toddlers can also develop skin tags, especially under the armpit and on the neck. Skin tags are more common in overweight people

Remove skin tags with vinegar

  1. Alpha hydroxy acid in apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar

Remove skin warts with tea tree oil

  1. Skin tags can also be removed with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil

Consult your doctor

  1. Only handle skin tags using the above methods. When in doubt whether the skin abnormality is a skin tag, you should always consult your doctor first. Do not try to remove a skin tag if you have diabetes or poor circulation, and do not try to remove a skin tag near the eye or in a sensitive area, such as the groin or anus. Do not remove skin tags that are bleeding, growing, reshaping, or skin tags that are painful or multicolored. Don't confuse skin tags with other skin conditions.

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