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Royal jelly: rich in nutrients

  1. Royal jelly or royal jelly is a gelatinous mixture that is produced in the jaw glands of worker bees to feed the queen of the colony. Royal jelly is also extracted for use in supplements for human consumption. The highly nutritious product is used in people who suffer from anemia, fatigue, stress, overworkedness, depression, mononucleosis, menopausal complaints or wounds that are difficult to heal. It is available in both capsules and drinking ampoules.

Royal jelly

  1. What is royal jelly or royal jelly? Ingredients What is royal jelly used for? Use in a diet Not suitable for infants Availability

What is royal jelly or royal jelly?

  1. Royal jelly is known by several names including royal jelly, gelee royal, royal jelly, queen's milk and royal bread. It is a gelatinous mixture that is produced in the jaw glands of young worker bees. It is also considered one of nature's most rich foods and even a 'product of alchemy between the plant and animal kingdoms'. Royal jelly - which, in addition to the nectar from the jaw glands of the worker bees, consists of pollen pollen and honey - contains an enormous amount of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes.


  1. Royal jelly has the following ingredients:

What is royal jelly used for?

  1. As mentioned, royal jelly or royal jelly is of enormous importance to bees. However, this very powerful mixture, rich in nutrients, is also used by people and praised for its many applications. Kongin jelly is used as a dietary supplement for the following health complaints:

Use with a diet

  1. Royal jelly is also used by people who follow a diet and therefore have a greatly reduced nutritional intake. This is because royal jelly is low in calories but contains many essential nutrients.

Not suitable for infants

  1. Royal jelly is - like many other bee products - not suitable for infants. The intestinal flora of children under the age of 1 year has not yet developed to the extent that they can process honey or royal jelly properly. They run the risk of contracting food poisoning or even botulism. As this can have very serious consequences, it is strongly advised not to give small children royal jelly or honey.


  1. Royal jelly or royal jelly can be taken as a supplement in the form of capsules or drinking ampoules. It is available in capsule form from the brands Lucovitaal, Manuka, Arkocaps, Michel Merlet, SNP, Lizareal, Orthovitaal and Mattisson, among others. Drinking ampoules are available from the Arkopharma, Arko Royal and Herborist brands. Royal jelly is also available in combination with other products such as propolis or ginseng.

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