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Smelly farts: winds stink of sulfur rotten eggs

  1. Stinky farts and winds that smell of sulfur and rotten eggs can be very embarrassing, especially in social situations. Farting and farting is human. On average you let out a wind or fart 14 times a day, with a total emission of half a liter to more than 2 liters of gas over a period of 24 hours. And believe it or not, 99% of the gas is odor free. But sometimes your farts are just downright nasty. It is mainly the quiet farts and breezes that really smell and these are due to fermentation by bacteria in your colon. If you are experiencing smelly farts, it is likely something you ate, but not necessarily something unhealthy. After all, gas formation is a healthy, normal byproduct of digestion. While the smell can be embarrassing in social situations, it could mean you've fed your gut nutritious, fiber-rich, plant-based foods. Sometimes, however, a bad odor can indicate a health problem.

The emergence of (stinking) winds and farts

  1. Composition of a fart Every person farts and winds

Causes and other symptoms

  1. Smelly farts and flatulence

Stinky farts from food

  1. During digestion, gut bacteria produce sulfur-containing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide that cause a foul odor. The foods you eat affect the population of bacteria in your colon, which directly affects the smell of your wind. Some people have a certain kind of gut flora

Constipation and foul smelling farts

  1. For constipation

Colon cancer

  1. A more rare cause of smelly farts is colon cancer, one of the most treatable cancers, if the tumor is detected in time. When a tumor forms in the digestive tract, it can cause partial bowel obstruction

Treatment of smelly farts

  1. Dietary adjustments

Herbs (medicine) for flatulence and dirty farts

  1. Fennel, anise and caraway

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