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Snacks; 'fatteners' and 'slimmen'

  1. The month of December is getting closer and that means that the tasty things are brought back home and that the feasting begins! In order not to have to go on a strict diet in the new year, you can also pay attention to the number of calories in the snacks. In this article you can read what the 'fatteners' are, but also what the 'slimmers' are. Compare left with right and you will discover what the best choices are. Is it better to drink a glass of wine or a cocktail at the upcoming parties?


  1. Drinking is important. Drinking water in particular is very healthy. Mind you, drinking too much water is unhealthy. When you drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, this is good for your body.


  1. Eating fruit is healthy when you take it instead of anything else. Often people take a biscuit in addition to their fruit, however, it is the case that fruit makes thick.

Sweet Siege

  1. Sweet spreads are tasty, but we don't need them as an essential food.

Hartig Beleg

  1. Savory fillings are only better than sweet fillings, when you eat the 'slimming makers'.

Meat / fish

  1. Eating meat is not necessary. Often people say that this is the case, because meat has important nutrients. such as proteins, vitamins and iron. However, those substances are also found in many other products. When meat is replaced by those products, eating meat is not necessary.

Sweet snack

  1. Mmmmm nice, but where are the fewest calories?

Savory snack

  1. Mmmmm nice, but where are the fewest calories?

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