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Structurally improve your health: drink cranberry juice

  1. Good health is an expensive good and you have to maintain it yourself. Within our busy lives, we eat quickly and are often stressed. It can ensure that we do not get enough necessary substances, as a result of which body processes are not sufficiently stimulated and health deteriorates. What substances are in cranberry juice and how can it preventively promote your health?

Cranberry juice

  1. Whether or not to use in cystitis? Potassium Calcium Magnesium Other minerals Vitamins in cranberry juice Promote preventive health


  1. Most striking is that the juice contains a lot of potassium. This is the counterpart of sodium, also known as the normal salt. Sodium has a blood pressure increasing effect, but potassium works against this. It thus ensures that the consequences of cardiovascular disease are reduced. In a study in 2007 it was already established that in population groups with a potassium-rich and sodium-poor (salt) diet few or no cases of high blood pressure (hypertension) occur. Sodium ensures that muscle tissues around the veins are tighter, forcing the heart to pump harder. This is not the case with potassium. By taking more potassium salt instead of sodium salt, a beneficial healthy balance for the body can be found. Mind you the body has sodium


  1. To have good strong bones, the body needs a lot of calcium. Bones are broken down and re-created every day under the influence of the bone production stimulating hormone calcitonin and the bone breakdown promoting parathyroid hormone


  1. An additional important substance in the fruit is magnesium

Promote preventive health

  1. Do you have health problems, high blood pressure or do you want to stimulate your health preventively, take cranberry juice. It ensures that the consequences of cardiovascular diseases are less serious, in addition to which several body processes can be effectively stimulated. Take advantage by taking the juice daily preventively to get and maintain a healthy body.

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