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Superfood: broccoli, red pepper and salmon. Including recipe

  1. Superfood is roughly translated very healthy food. Food that contains a lot of vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Great food to cook with. This article covers broccoli, red pepper and salmon. You will also find some tasty recipes.


  1. Broccoli owes its superfood status mainly to the high content of sulforaphane, a bioactive substance with protective properties against cancer. It is also the substance responsible for the slightly bitter taste of the broccoli. Sulforaphane is actually the plant's built-in insect repellent. After a short heating this disappears quickly, while the protective effect is retained. Broccoli also contains a lot of calcium, 100 grams of broccoli contains almost as much calcium as 100 ml of milk. In addition, the broccoli also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is good for a good intestinal function. Fiber also helps to combat obesity. Dietary fiber contains few calories, but does give a satiated feeling. Broccoli is also high in vitamins C, B2, B6 for your nervous system, beta carotene, vitamin K and folic acid.

Red Pepper

  1. The red pepper is a superfood due to its high vitamin content. Bell pepper is the fruit vegetable with the most vitamin C. Because it has ripened longer, the red pepper contains twice as many vitamins as the green one. The red pepper contains in addition to vitamin C, which helps you maintain your resistance, also a lot of vitamin B6 which is good for your digestion and nervous system. The red pepper also contains a lot of vitamin E, important for the production of red blood cells. Beta carotene can also be found in the red bell pepper, this is a pro-vitamin that is converted in the body to vitamin A. Red bell pepper is very suitable for pregnant women or women who want to become pregnant. Red bell pepper is very rich in folic acid, which is important for the formation of red blood cells and the growth of the baby. Peppers can be kept for about 3-6 days after purchase. If you keep them longer, the nutritional value will quickly decline. Peppers are best stored between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.

Stuffed peppers

  1. Requirements for 2 persons


  1. Salmon is also a superfood. This is because the salmon contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy polyunsaturated fats. The salmon is also high in protein, minerals and vitamins. Eating fish once a week is certainly not a luxury, because fish is much healthier than meat. This is because meat has a lot of saturated fat, which is bad for you. Due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. You can bake a fresh salmon steak, the canned salmon can be used in a delicious salad and the smoked salmon is delicious in an egg salad or on toast. If you buy salmon or other fish, pay attention to the quality mark. Make sure the fish is caught sustainably. This means that the fish has been caught carefully and the fish has not been caught due to overfishing. Salmon is delicious to bake with fish herbs, eat fried potatoes and a tasty salad. You can also prepare salmon well in the oven. Here's a tasty recipe.

Puff pastry filled with salmon and spinach

  1. Requirements for 2 persons

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