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Sweeteners and diabetes

  1. Diabetics are generally happy with sweeteners, because it extends the choice in the supermarket a lot. What are the benefits of sugar substitutes for them?

  1. People with diabetes should keep a close eye on their blood sugar. Diabetes sometimes has serious complications and a stable blood sugar helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and nerve damage, for example. Paying attention to carbohydrate intake helps to stabilize blood glucose levels. Eating less carbohydrates ensures that there are fewer high peaks, and also less deep lows. So the blood sugars are more stable.

Check the label

  1. No, sweeteners are not harmful in diabetes. In fact, they are great to use in diabetes if you do not want to consume too many carbohydrates, according to the Diabetes Fund. It is wise to look carefully which sweetener is used, because some sugar substitutes contain carbohydrates as fillers. So always check the label!

Intensive or Extending Sweeteners?

  1. Both intensive and extensive sweeteners are ideal for use with diabetics. Intensive sweeteners are sweeteners that are 35 to 8000 times as sweet as sugar, so you only need very little of this. They contain (almost) no calories. They are in sweeteners, liquid or powder, and often in diet soda , dairy products and sugar-free chewing gum. Examples of intensive sweeteners are acesulfame-K, cyclamate, saccharin, stevia and aspartame. Extensive sweeteners, also called polyols, are half or as sweet as sugar. They also contain half the calories, but more than intensive sweeteners. These extensive sweeteners (unlike the intensive ones) have about the same volume as sugar. They are often in 'sugar-free' products with the claim 'suitable for people with diabetes'. Examples of extensive sweeteners are isomalt, lactitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol and maltitol.

The benefits of sweeteners in diabetes They help reduce total sugar consumption. They do not affect blood sugar. They provide little or no calories and help to limit your energy consumption. They can prove to be a valuable aid in controlling your weight. They are also an alternative to sugar in terms of taste. A Also read 6 frequently asked questions about sweeteners Baking with sweeteners Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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