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The benefits of sun, beach and sea water

  1. The sea and the beach affect people. Is that the sound, is it the smell, is it the distant horizon? It even ended up in literature via the lucky hop of Mathijs Deen's father. Deen wrote about it in the book De Wadden. For centuries people with ailments have been sent to the coast to bathe in the sea, relax on the beach and breathe in the fresh sea air. Is it a fairy tale, a story to lure tourists to the coastal areas, or is the sea really so beneficial? Facts and fiction about the wholesome day at the beach and the refreshing sea bath.

The good thing about a day at the beach

  1. The lucky hop Benefit from the sun Benefit from the beach Benefit of the sea water Good for enjoying North Sea dirty? Heal wounds really faster in seawater?

Benefit of the sun

  1. Good for vitamin D production

Benefit from the beach

  1. Good for a night's rest

Benefit of the seawater

  1. Good for the lungs

North Sea dirty?

  1. The Netherlands and Belgium have the North Sea on their doorstep. The North Sea does not have those blue waters that we know from exotic places and warm regions. That does not mean that the water there is clean and the North Sea is dirty. The North Sea has its own color

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