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The bread box diet

  1. The lunch box diet was developed by Simon Lovell, a personal trainer, once a fat boy who was teased with his weight himself. It is based on the diet that he would have used with great success with his clients and has been praised by many magazines and stars like Camoron Diaz swear by it. What exactly does this diet entail and what can you expect from it.

The basics of the bread box diet

  1. The diet is based on the concept of a well-stocked lunch box. The drum is filled with healthy food that you can eat out all day between the normal breakfast and the normal healthy evening meal. In fact, the diet's creator recommends snacking from the lunchbox every hour until you're satisfied. You are not supposed to eat until you are full. Of course, the diet does provide some examples of what is seen as a healthy evening meal and a healthy breakfast.

Recommended Food

  1. The focus of the diet is on the lunch box which should contain about 60% vegetables, 30% protein and 10% dressing for over the vegetables. When filling the lunch box you use delicious vinaigrettes, herbs, seeds and grated cheeses so that your lunch gets extra flavor, and you feel more satisfied after eating. Grilled pieces of chicken, fatty fish and small pieces of cheese are ideal as snacks.

Example of a lunch box diet day

  1. As indicated, a normal breakfast is eaten. For example, think of a bowl of muesli, porridge or poached eggs on brown bread toast.

Benefits of the diet

  1. It's a great diet for people who don't like counting calories, planning meals, or cooking elaborate and difficult recipes. The latter is possible, however, assembling the lunch box can take between 3 and 30 minutes, you make your own choices By varying daily you will also not get tired of your diet quickly and it is easier to maintain. It's a great program for those who like to “snack” With this diet you could lose 2 kilos per week, this of course depends on the portions you put in the lunch box, but especially on the size and composition of breakfast and evening meals. It is very flexible with a lot of personal choice and can be easily adapted to your own needs and wishes The diet is high in low GI foods that are broken down slowly and evenly in your digestive system. So you feel full for longer and your sugar and insulin levels remain more even. It benefits those who are quick to skip lunch and instead opt for unhealthy snacks at work or school

Disadvantages of the bread box diet

  1. The entire book is quite pricey compared to the size of the book (approximately 10 pages) and the information it contains. However, this is a one-off expense, while this diet does not require expensive supplements or special food substitutes. There are no indications given about the exact size of the portions so there is still much to be eaten too many calories are consumed. The number of calories taken can still increase considerably and exceed the consumption of calories if you do not pay attention to the food that you eat at breakfast and dinner. Because carbohydrates from bread, rice and pasta are not recommended, while they still contain vitamins B in particular, a shortage can arise. Moreover, the omission of these types of food still reduces the combination possibilities.


  1. Overall, this diet can be very suitable for people who are just starting a diet and do not want to choose a complicated or completely prescribed diet. In any case, it is a good introduction where you learn to make more healthy choices and especially to eat more vegetables. However, people who prefer a detailed diet and want to know exactly what to eat and when will be disappointed. Moreover, for the same price there are a lot of books that offer much more information about food and diets (The complete E-book has been reduced in price and is available on the Internet for about EUR 15.00).

  2. Overall, this diet can be very suitable for people who are just starting a diet and do not want to choose a complicated or completely prescribed diet. In any case, it is a good int

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