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The Diva Diet, lines at its chicest

  1. You can lose weight in all kinds of ways, but with the Diva Diet you do that chic and glamorous. With the Diva Diet you eat less, but with more love for your food and for yourself. The book The Diva Diet includes a four-week Diva Dinner Plan. Tasty recipes to lose weight. Nothing is forbidden, but everything in moderation. Losing weight, of course, because curves are a part of women; at least according to Mae West.

Losing weight makes no sense?

  1. Losing weight seems to make little sense. Those who lose weight produce substances that promote weight gain, so that you gain weight again after a diet. A study by Australian physician Joe Proietto shows that frequent weight loss users have a very different body than "normal" thin people. This concerns altered hormone levels. Proietto suspects that this is because following a diet a defense mechanism is started that promotes weight gain.

The Diva Diet

  1. Dorien Goertzen and Melanie Wisse wrote Het Diva Diet together, which was published in 2011 by Scriptum publishers. Both ladies are said to be experts by experience. Because Dorien is a lawyer and works in the film industry and Melanie is a passionate amateur chef and mother of three children. They have in common that they are bon vivants. The latter means that every now and then a few pounds have to be lost. The idea for the Diva Diet was born because they were tired of following some kind of diet every time that makes you grumpy. The ladies were also fed up with the yo-yo effect.

One is what one eats

  1. But how do you do it: get slim and stay slim? A true bon vivant must become a diva and only eat the best of the salmon. Small snacks, presented in grand style. The reader is invited to discover the diva within herself. If you can't find it, you just start eating like a diva and you automatically become one. Nietzsche said it already: "Man ist was man isst", in other words, one is what one eats.

How does a diva eat?

  1. There are of course a lot of open doors kicked in in the book The Diva Diet; there are all kinds of facts about healthy eating and being healthy that every dieter can now dream of. Incidentally, the writers base themselves on Michael Pollan's eating philosophy and his slogan "Real food, not too much, especially plants." (see also my article "A Plea for Real Food, Michael Pollan"). They themselves add: "And that at the table!" Because it is not difficult to hide something standing in the kitchen or hanging in front of the tube.

Rather champagne than soft drinks

  1. The chapter "How does the diva deal with ....." emphasizes once again how bad soda is. There is more sugar in it than in a cake. The average Dutch person would lose a few pounds in a month if he left the soft drink during that period. Shockingly, the ladies execute. No, take champagne or prosecco; only 80 calories per glass. Ladylike and glamorous. Incidentally, the Diva Diet does not work with calories. The basic premise is simply that a diva should eat in moderation. However, a Star rating is included at the back of the book, in which a certain number of stars is awarded to snacks and snacks. You can eat ten stars a day.

Go cycling anyway

  1. Whatever diet you follow, exercise is always important. According to Dorien and Melanie we dribble about three kilometers a day through all our activities. If you also take a walk of half an hour every day, you will in principle have enough exercise. That's for the divas who don't see any point in going to the gym, swimming or cycling, or jumping kangoo for fun.

How the Diva Diet works

  1. The statement that you only lose weight when you eat less than you consume naturally also applies to the Diva Diet. It is recommended to first map out for yourself what you eat and drink during the week. Then you can start on the four week Diva Dinner Plan. Before you can enjoy these divine foods, however, you have to bite through a sour apple first. Or should I say: sour tuber. Because you start with a kickstart weekend, "a diuretic weekend". It's all about juices and tuber soup.

  2. The statement that you only lose weight when you eat less than you consume naturally also applies to the Diva Diet. It is recommended to first map out for yourself what you will be doing during the

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