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The fresh healing power of cloves

  1. Clove is a nice fresh herb. They are unopened pink or green flowers of the clove tree. The color depends on the type of tree. The clove tree only grows in tropical areas. Cloves are eaten fresh in the tropics. Cloves are dried for consumption in the rest of the world.

Clove for toothache

  1. Since a few centuries ago people put cloves in their mouths when they had a toothache. Clove substances are still used in dentistry today. The active ingredient in cloves is called eugenol. Oils are made from it and are used in root canal treatments. The clove also has many anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The tooth or tooth root inflammation is actually inhibited by the small clove. It is also widely used in mouthwashes. You can make your own mouthwash

Chock full of manganese

  1. Even a little bit of herb contains vitamins and minerals. There is vitamin C and vitamin K in cloves. 4 grams of cloves provide 5% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C. The clove contains a relatively large amount of calcium and magnesium

Flavonoids in cloves

  1. In addition to eugenol, the clove contains the flavonoids kaempferol and rhamnetin. These substances help to increase the anti-inflammatory properties of eugenol. Together these phytonutrients ensure that cloves have an antioxidant effect. Kaempferol is known for its synergistic effects. This means that it enhances the properties of other substances. In collaboration with quercetin

Where is it produced?

  1. Cloves come from the Moluccas, which is now part of Indonesia. In the time that this area was still part of the Dutch Kingdom, there were only plantations of clove trees in the Moluccas. Later the Dutch also planted clove trees in New Guinea, which is close to the Moluccas. Indonesia

Eating tips for cloves

  1. Clove powder is a common ingredient in Indian curries. You can also use it in cookie spice mixes. Use little of it because it has a strong flavor. It is found in gingerbread and gingerbread spices, for example. Clove powder can be used in homemade jams and compotes. Cloves themselves can be cooked with vegetables. It gives green beans an extra flavor dimension. You can also use the cloves in a mix of self-made herbal teas

Kretek, the clove cigarette

  1. In Indonesia, cloves have become a very popular spice, especially when smoking kretek. Kretek are clove cigarettes. Some people suggest that a kretek is so called because you sometimes hear a soft crackling sound (krrr-tek) when a kretek cigarette is smoked. More kretek is smoked in Indonesia than regular cigarettes.

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