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The healing power of Alexandrian senna

  1. Alexandrian senna is a plant that occurs naturally in the Middle East, around the Red Sea and in the North East of Africa. The plant has long been cultivated in other warm regions of the world such as Mexico and Indonesia. The seeds of some cassia varieties can be eaten, but it should be taken into account that too many of these seeds have a laxative effect.

Naming Alexandrian senna

  1. The Latin name for this medicinal plant is Cassia Senna or Cassia Augustofolia Vahl. Cassia is the Greek name of the senna plant. Senna is derived from the Arabic word ´sana´, which means thorny bush. Alexandrian senna leaves are very pointed; hence this reference to thorns. There is in Dutch

Active ingredients senna

  1. The dried leaves are the most actively active part of the senna plant. In addition, the pods are used. The main active substances in senna are anthracene derivatives such as dianthrone glycosides and sennosides. Senna also contains flavonoids in the form of kaemferol derivatives. There are also many mucilages in it. In addition, the leaf contains: sennagrins, naphthol derivatives, glucoside of 6-hydroxymusizine, the polyol pinitol, acidic polysaccharides, minerals, phytosterols, tannins

Senna as diet tea

  1. There are forms of obesity that cause moderate bowel movements. Some companies offer a 10-day cure for senna tea. Senna tea is said to be suitable for weight loss. By the way, Pods of Alexandrian senna / Source: AMALAN619, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Senna and chronic constipation: beware!

  1. When using senna for chronic constipation, it is wise to pair it with carminative herbs such as fennel, anise, caraway, ginger, coriander, mint

Senna with eczema?

  1. Powdered senna leaf with vinegar is a popular medicine for eczema

Consult a herbalist

  1. Every person is different. Some natural medicines are better for a specific person; this depends on a large number of factors such as: the use of medicines with regard to other conditions, sensitivity to substances and diseases. Therefore, if you want to use senna as a medicinal remedy, it is wise to consult a herbalist for more information.

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