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The healing power of broccoli sprouts or broccoli sprouts

  1. Broccoli sprouts are even healthier than broccoli itself. Broccoli sprouts are the freshly sprouted seeds of a broccoli plant. These germs contain a concentration of healthy nutrients. In addition, broccoli sprouts are a welcome change from the usual vegetable offer. You can put them on a peanut butter or tahini sandwich, in the salad, or use them as a nutritious garnish. There is little point in cooking broccoli sprouts or putting them through the soup. Vegetable sprouts in fact live on while they are packed and their life energy can actually be a wonderful source of energy for humans. When you cook them, the life energy of a broccoli sprout is quickly over.


  1. History of broccoli sprouts How do you get broccoli sprouts? Cancer-fighting substances Enzymes with antioxidant effect Less DNA damage Sprouted broccoli against h. pylori Other healing power Other vegetables with isothiocyanates Tips for eating broccoli sprouts

History of broccoli sprouts

  1. In the 1970s, some people began to eat broccoli sprouts as a vegetable. Eating the newly germinated seeds is therefore a fairly recent story. At first, this only happened in health freak circles. In the 21st century, eating ultra-healthy vegetables has far surpassed goat's wool sock level. Broccoli sprouts are super healthy. In 2014, Wikipedia does not normally contain much information about medicinal vegetables, but the English Wikipedia provides an ample account of almost only the many medicinal effects of sprouted broccoli. This article only mentions the science-backed actions of broccoli sprouts.

How do you get broccoli sprouts?

  1. You can make broccoli sprouts yourself. You can buy broccoli seeds that you can germinate in the DIY kit. In addition, broccoli sprouts, sometimes referred to as broccoli cress, are available at some organic stores and greengrocers. In addition, powders and capsules from broccoli sprouts are available. But these capsules do not contain any more active enzymes, so for health benefits it is better to eat fresh broccoli sprouts.

Anticancer agents

  1. In 2014, more than 700 scientific studies were conducted into the cancer-fighting effect of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. Broccoli sprouts contain more glucorafanin than regular broccoli. Four day old broccoli sprouts contain 20 times more glucorafine than regular broccoli trunks. Therefore, this sprout vegetable is said to be more effective against cancer than regular broccoli. In addition, it is true that regular broccoli has more other nutrients than sprouted broccoli; only in the field of glucorafine is the small broccoli sprout superior to adult specimens. Glucorafine is a substance that is converted by chewing into an enzyme, myrosinase. This enzyme is responsible for the production of sulforaphane, which has been scientifically proven to fight cancer. Incidentally, American research from 2001 shows that the broccoli sprouts must be chewed well to achieve the optimal effect of this sprout. It is known to have medicinal efficacy in the following cancers:

Enzymes with antioxidant effect

  1. Besides the fact that broccoli sprouts fight cancer, it is a booster for enzymes responsible for phase 2 of a detox (verification) or detoxification regimen. This antioxidant-promoting effect lasts for at least 72 hours after eating broccoli sprouts. This means that if you do this again two days after eating broccoli sprouts, the antioxidant effect will continue. In this way, eating broccoli sprouts twice a week can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidant effect of the body's own enzymes is much stronger than that of vitamins A, C and E, which are normally considered to be strong antioxidants.

Less DNA damage

  1. There are several ways that broccoli sprouts fight cancer. Toxins can lead to cancer because they tax the immune system and lead to inflammation at the cellular level. That's why detox is important. Another reason broccoli sprouts work against cancer is that they reduce DNA damage, according to an American study in China in which 100 people drank an extract of broccoli sprouts for two weeks. They had significantly less DNA damage than a control group who drank plain water.

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